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CrossFit Methodology

Using the CrossFit Methodology is how we achieve results. And we love results! We love when students, athletes and clients earn improved work capacity by competing against themselves and others. Moreover, results are our business. Clearly, any fitness program that yields positive physical results is well worth it. And a program that intentionally yields positive mental and emotional adaptations is worth even more. Establishing a productive mental and emotional relationship to how you train your body is what we do. What if you took a moment prior to the workout to evaluate the context that we teach into as a place to fully develop and round yourself? So yeah, there’s a lot of CrossFit gyms focusing on the Workout of the Day… But we take it further….

CrossFit Methodology

Here at CrossFit Baobab we are a training program that balances results and process through the lens of context. In other words we predetermine mentally and emotionally how we approach the physical work. Our commitment to your results (improved work capacity) is measured and meticulously planned in 3 month cycles. Our commitment to the process is in the context we teach class.

Physical Training Results & Horsepower Are One Thing, Who We Are While Earning Them Is Another…

Part I: What we do.

We no longer train just the physical – we train the mental as well. Each day has a designed mindset for your physical training. Here, we foster the Mind-Body connection by using an athletes protocol: Consistently practice, hone, and learn exceptional movement; develop breath and mind control; put the pieces together and compete periodically. (Oh, and have fun and learn a lot about yourself in the process of getting really fit.)

Part II: How we implement the CrossFit Methodology.

Each day we distinguish the intent and therefore the experience of the workout.

Practice Days (P): P Days (60% of training cycle) are just like “practice” for a sport. You show up to hone your movement skills with a spirit of playfulness, intentional virtuosity, and a willingness to learn alongside your teammates.

Mental Toughness Days (MT): MT Days (10% of training cycle) are designed to help the athlete develop breath and mind control. The objective is to actively engage the mind to positively control breath and thought patterns. Effectively, these workouts become a form of active meditation.

Competition Days (C): C days (30% of training cycle) also considered “Game Day.” Put the pieces together and be the best you can possibly be. 100% intensity, competing against yourself and others.

The Overall Context Of Our Training Boils Down To 3 Things


1. Are you having fun?
2. Is there integrity in everything you do?
3. Are you in service of something bigger than yourself?

The contemplation of this coupled with the Training provided by the CrossFit Methodology can only deepen your experience not just in the Gym, but in every aspect of your life.