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CrossFit Coach Ben

Hello there my friends, I’m Crossfit Coach Ben Manganaro, also known as “MANGO”. I’ve been into the sport of CrossFit since 2011. I can say that the Lord put it in my life at the perfect time. In 2009 I became a type one diabetic, I had no clue about health or fitness. I didn’t need to, I was your normal surf bum that could eat anything and put whatever in my body and be fine. Then I got punched in the head by “diabetes”. It was a real big wake up call, so I made the decision to turn my life around and that’s where I found crossfit. I’ve been in love with CrossFit since the first time I failed a movement. I never really had to work overly hard at any sports, but this one, I found myself being horrible at a lot more than I was good at.

The famous question, what’s your favorite workout? There’s no such thing. Put it on the board and I’ll be sure to give my best and give my all but I am also sure I don’t have a  favorite WOD. I might excel in some but it doesn’t mean I would call it my favorite. If you are truly putting your all into a workout, it’s not a place of comfort or your favorite place to be.  The utlimate purpose for my training is to glorify the Lord our God. It is because of Him that when we fail, we can then have the strength to get up and move forward. The Lord knows we are all going to fall down. But His hand is reaching out to help us up.

I’m a really big fan of breakfast. I will eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and midnight snack. There’s nothing like some eggs and sausage, with a prime avocado and two pieces of peanut butter toast sitting beside you, with a big coffee in hand. Excited as a Crossfit Coach can be to help you on your journey!!!